Monday, December 19, 2011

There are ups and downs

Today slept most of the day and night. Its 3 am now. Tomorrow sending letters that I have been writing for so long. Hopefully doing Christmas shopping because I still haven´t. My sister Leticia found out she is going to Germany the beginning of January so things are a little crazy around the house now. We are still taking our vacation for Christmas break, its just shorter now. So might not get the opportunity to see Julianna in Lodrina. Its okay though. I am still getting to go to Paraguay and Foz do Iguaço so thats really cool. Then I will get back from that I believe the first of January and not sure if Im packing my bags and changing houses or waiting until after I return from my trip to the NE. So greatful for my mother she has done so much to make it possible for me to go on this trip. Calling them all the time and emailing making sure its all working out correctly. I think its going to be an amazing time and I didnt want to do a whole month at first now I cant wait. Its expensive, but she made it happen and so did my father and all the people that donated to me. I am indescribably grateful. Went to two parties last weekend one was a white party for a fifteen year olds bday. Bet it cost a ton of money. They are big here like Mexico or the Sweet 16´s you see on MTV. It was a blast my calfs and feet are killing me though from wearing high heals. They dont really know how to dance to american music, but when brasilian music comes on they go nuts. The macareena came on and no one had any idea what to do. So I went to the middle of the floor and started dancing. Then they started following it was awesome. Going out at 1 and not coming home until 5 was kicking my butt though. The next party was bye bye 2011 it was fun. It was outside and because of the rain we had to dance in mud. They dont understand PDA here thats a little akward dancing while people are playing tounsel hockey all around me. Just something I have to get use to I guess. Need to go to bed so I can get up on time to send my letters tomorrow. A little home sick because it really doesnt feel like Christmas here with all the rain. Barely any lights around. No Christmas music or movie marathons or hot chocolate. I made sugar cookies for my rotary though and listened to FM christmas music that was nice. My rotary loved the cookies. So some positive and negatives in this post. Thats life for you though. Goodnight who is ever reading

Friday, December 9, 2011

Past three days

I had a mass on Tuesday night for my graduation. Wasn't bad didnt understand it all though. Wednesday went shopping with my sister for about 4 hours for shoes when we both ended up going back to the first store and bought our shoes there. They bought me heals for R$100 so about $50! Had an hour and a half to get ready for out graduation. Went got a bunch of pictures taken except my mom only took l...ike one so I need to get ahold of the professional that was there. They put me in slide show with a quote about arriving and adjusting. Talked about me in the speech with an inside joke it was really sweet. I walked with my third dad down the aisle I guess to the stage. We dont keep our caps and gowns here. They gave me like a letter instead of a diploma because I techinally didnt graduate and will be going back to the same school next year. Had a dinner after wards then a small dance they loved watching me dance. Teenage Brasilians either dance forro or funk generally. Went to a bowling alley with my friends, but it was closed so just went home. Yesterday a classmate of mine had a bbq at his grandparents farm. I helped prepare the salad. They threw people in pool just like Americans do. people danced a little. I got a sunburn on my chest from falling asleep in the sun. A cop stopped by but no one got in trouble.Tons of people stayed the night there. Finishing up my last things for my trip to the NE! Still dont know where I am going for Christmas.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Many emotions

Its been awhile since I posted or wrote in my journal. I am out of school though for about 2 months so I have time. Just going through alot. I went without Thanksgiving this, no big deal. Got a new nephew failed all my finals in school including the english one =) who remembers past immediate and future continuing or something like that. I got very overwhelmed with the language and my bloood pressure sky rocketed. I am good now after my mom freaked out. Gotta love. The brasilians are very loving and caring and took me to the ER when my blood pressure was high. We tried to get an english teacher here to help me with learning portuguese. It was a good try, but was unsuccessful. I made a deal with myself though I am going to study everyday in December because I dont feel like I have gave portuguese a fair shot. I am five days in and not exactly successful I would say. Need to get back to business. Went to a movie in Brasilia Amanhecer, didnt like it, but it blew me away it was in English with portuguese subtitles. Addicted to Smallville now with my family. Going on a trip to the NE in January my dad gave me a pep talk about money and safety while traveling. He also gave me one about being strong and that I am capable of staying here. That hard things are better than easy things in the long run. He told me about his dad when he passed away from cancer it was touching because my dad works alot. So I got to see a different side of him. Went to a party with the other exchange students in my district. It was cool to meet them all. Blew me away everyone speaks english so well thats the common language for everyone. The mexicans spoke spanish togethor and the brasilians dont understand. But the mexicans speak very good portuguese in my opinion. Evryone thinks my language ability is very good and compared to some of the other exchange students it is. I atleast try, but I could be working alot harder and need to be. One mexican girl already went home, I didnt get to meet her. The girl from Germany only likes speaking english. One girl from America got here late October and right after she got here she got pneumonia. I would have freaked. She hasnt been here long, but she doesnt try to speak the language she only speaks english. I kinda wish I lived in Brasilia where most of the other exchange students live so I could go out with them. But at the same time I am glad I am in Formosa because of the ppl I have met and if I would have the chance to speak english alot I probably would. SInce I am alone here I have no choice to speak portuguese and only have brasilian friends so I am acting experiencign the culture.

Friday, November 18, 2011

I impressed some one. He emailed me this.

Pessoas novas no meio da gente.
Escrito por Paulo Reis.
Há algum tempo, algo curioso aconteceu comigo,
Uma questão interessante a refletir
Por que você me chama atenção, interessa-me ver você sorrindo e dançando?
Repostas não viveram de imediato, mas continuei a pesando em ti...
Hoje sei a reposta,
Amo a liberta, amor escutar a música do sorriso feliz das pessoas,
Amo encontrar pessoas que tem de fato o espírito da aventura em seus corações
Que estão dispostas a mudar, mesmo que seja apenas por um ano
E depois se redescobrir que já não são as mesmas,
E, nem deixou as pessoas que conheceu nesta caminhada serem como antes,
Ou seja,
Nesta jornada, transformou a si e as pessoas ao seu redor.
Nisto tudo conheci uma garota que traduz todo esse sentir

Se chama Mackenzy Hunsaker

Sorry if the translation had an error.
Sincerely Paul, Formosa-GO BRAZIL
New people in the middle of us.
Written by Paul Reis.
Some time ago, something curious happened to me,
An interesting question to ponder
Why did you call me attention, I am interested to see you smiling and dancing?

Responses did not live immediately, but continued to weigh on you ...

Today I know the answer,
Love releases it, love listening to the music of happy smiling people,
I love finding people who really have the spirit of adventure in their hearts
Who are willing to change, even if only for a year
And then rediscover that are no longer the same,
And do not let people know that this journey be as before,
That is,
In this journey, transformed themselves and the people around you.
In all this I met a girl who translates all this feeling

It's called Mackenzy Hunsaker

Its decided

I am staying I can do this even if it takes me the whole time to learn portuguese. The hardest things in life are usually the ones that are most worthwhile. My family and I did so much work and paid so much money to get me here can´t just back out now. I wasn´t raised a quitter and I would rather not start right now. Anything is possible through God. He brings you hardships to define and purify your faith. He has a set path for you and will never give you too much than you can handle. I actually have to work to have a social life now, but it will be beneficial for the future. And the people here are so nice, caring, and loving I can turn to them and just sign when I need help.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home from Trip

Stayed home from school today because of my allergies. I think I might be getting an ear infection. They have been bothering me since going scuba diving. Slept most of the day too. Unpacked my bag and reorganized with my presents and the stuff I bought. Called my counselor finally told him how I was feeling. Then I didnt understand what he said. I dont think I can go back to the US and then come back here, but thats what it sounded like he was saying. My dad is a dork he took the not talking literally no email on my birthday but he is good texted him today to make sure. My vacation was amazing my family made sure I didnt get a sunburn tons of sunscreen and sitting under the unmbrella. Went snorkling in the natural pools in the ocean and then scuba diving. My nose was terrible the day after and now my ears hurt like ear infection my parents are trying to take care of it though. Road in a boat that was connected to a glider over the ocean it was beautiful and relaxing. Didnt get a sunburn only got a little color though. Swam with a bunch of fish. Ate crab fish octopus shrimp and I am sure other sea food. Drank coconut milk tried the coconut meat wasnt good. Stayed in a duplex that reminded me of Lake Michigans beach houses. It was adorable. My hotel room had a big bed and a small bed that was strange instead of one big or two smaller equal size. You use normal keys to get into the rooms not cards. Went to a feira in Maceio and did some shopping at Porto de Galinhas. It was my uncles birthday yesterday went to a restaurant that served pizza like gerties it was nicer though. It was good. Ate banana acai on pizza brigadeiro on pizza but not the ice cream one I was full by then. Got pep talks today about the language. A boy named Paulo that was at the churrasco com colleger students wrote a poem about me it was soo sweet about changing just for a year smiling and dancing in the middle of people and not understanding. made me smile. Do I stay or do I go?

Friday, November 11, 2011


My suprise birthday party was amazing yesterday. I had a hint it was coming but I thought it was going to be at a restaurant not my house. Thank you Letícia Kaory Kaihara and Brunna Gontijo you surprised me. Here they put eggs on your head instead of pushing your face in the cake. Neither happened to me thank goodness. Just smelt bad cuz I hadnt showered yet and had volleyball yesterday. Had Japanese food ate California rolls with Salmon in them so I obviously am trying new things. FInally weent to SUbway the night before though and I had to get wheat with just cheese and ham just like always to see if it was the same. Not bad BUt I have had better. They were blown away it was even a bigger deal here than the US that that is all I get. HAd a white cake it wasnt vanilla though idk it was good though and then the lovely chocolates that are always at parties. I thought my family forgot my birthday other than my siblings who woke me up with hugs and parabéns. Finals week in finally over. Today was teachers day so they did a skit joking about the teachers. I actually got to laugh. People stuffed their bras just like we do in the US for jokes. Going on a trip with my family to the NE for the beaches!!! 5 days in paradise leave tonight and I was the first one all the way packed and ready. That was a first. My presents were like soaps and lotion and chocolate. They give baskets full of random food here too on your birthday thought that was neat. Getting a sore throat but its all good. Got my moms package finally today. Went to the post office it was closed. Went to the other they said it didnt exist. Got home and it was in my garage. Way to the God. One random sock a random guitar pic and shorts that were in the donate pile gotta love her. =) Took legit senior pictures in the gowns and stuff they also have cape like things and handkercheifs and we all shared the gowns didnt have our own individual. Tchau gente.